CoN and Heart of Thorns!

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone !

As some of you might have seen on twitch or heard somewhere in the air, yesterday we had our first raid in Guild Wars 2 after over a year of being absent in the game. The raid was PAINFULLY awesome and nostalgic. We had so much people talking to us and cheering for us, it was a big, big pleasure to experience that. Even though we were forced to transfer to another server we have people from Seafarer's Rest cheering for us and that means a LOT, at least to me and I thank all of you for that.

The first raid was nostalgic to the point of ridiculousness, we had a lot of laughs and a lot of wipes. Frankly speaking none of us were surprised, after such a long time we didn't think that we will be any good. As it is in games, practice makes you a master ! at the end of the raid we could clearly see people starting to feel more comfortable wich as it should be. Mechanics of the game changed drastically since the time we played for the last time. Everything is new, especially the Meta which in all honesty is pure S H I T. We had some nice skirmishes with guilds of equal numbers but we also had skirmishes with guilsd that moved with 2 different groups with double numbers we had.

The raid can be described in few words : Laughs and wipes ! but each and every one of us has enjoyed it thoroughly. We can't wait for more !

We can see that the game has steered in a wrong way but we have some ideas on how to steer it away. With HoT incoming we presume that everything will change, we have some great ideas on how to brake current meta and I hope we will manage to do so.

As you know the expansion is coming with a very fast pace, it will hit us on 23rd and we can't wait to see what will exactly change. One way or another we are here for a long run and you will see much more from us ( hopyfully better than yesterday's disasters :D ). As we did before, now once we get back into the game to a decent level we will start doing tutorials, bloopers and other vids. If you wish to talk to us, our public forums are open for all questions which we will answer as frequently as we can.

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Once again thanks for all the support and see you on the battlefield !