Cabal 2 - Open Beta

Written by S4rax0s.

cabal 2

Cabal 2 is finally available for US and EU players.

Originally developed and published 2 years ago in Korea. The game already has had 2 big updates  raising the max cap lvl and adding new PvP systems.

With 1v1, 6v6 and 18 man pvp arenas and also open world pvp wars to come in the next patch the game is heavily focused on PvP specially in the endgame content. You will also find a good amount of solo and group instances. The game is F2P and has entered an open beta phase today. 

Combat Key Futures:

- No auto attack

- Battlemode  - (turning in to very powerful version of the chosen class)

- Combo System


Official site and download/register:

If you interested in playing with us please register on the website and Join our Team Speak (contact: S4rax0s, Roni, DRQ) - TS Details on the forum after registration.