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Hello there minions.... ladies and gentlemen, I don't discriminate :D

It has been so long since I wrote a word and I missed my spotlight a little so here I am with another great piece of journalistic wonder to keep your appetite for games and things related with them sated. Today’s topic is one of my all-time favorite games on which I spent all the money I could so as to show my support for the developers. I'm talking about, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 ... oh wait, wrong franchise... Magicka and Magicka 2 !

Magicka and Magicka 2…not to be confused with Magic The Gathering, are multiplayer oriented games created by Arrowhead Studios and published by Paradox Interactive.  The games themselves fall under the very vague action-adventure genre but I’d say a better label would fit them more: survival coop :D




Massive AoE spells, deathbeams of doom, fancy robes, really funny story, parodic references to other popular franchises,  Magicka has it all. The game itself is pure mayhem if you play it alone. Getting swarmed from all sides by hordes of mobs, trying your best to survive the onslaught only to kill yourself by your own lightning spell because you were wet.


Magicka 2


Yop, you read that right, the game works on an element system where you get 8 different elements and combine them into powerful spells that help (or kill) you depending on how you use them. Some of these elements don’t like each other of course, so if you are wet, use electricity, well …ever tried the bathtub + toaster thing ? Something like that :D But there are also positive sides, like water can extinguish you when you are on fire and so on…the combinations are plentiful to keep you entertained for more than just one play-through of the game.




 Now multiply everthing you read by 1-3 more people playing with you co-op, unlimited revive spell (which you need to cast however) and with friendly fire enabled all time and you get a basic idea of what Magicka is.


If you’d like to get a bit better idea of how it looks and feels, why not checking out our stream where I and 3 other guildies do our best to kill everything in sight…and sometimes even the enemies :D


The glorious stream: