Black Desert Online Division

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone

After the latest ban wave in Blade and Soul that has included majority of WTFast (VPN) users and some of those that have dynamic IP. Very unfortunate responce from their support forcefuly ended our time killing in there. Let's go back to the topic...

After a very long and painful (1min) conversation with Hengis he managed to convince me to start a divison of Black Desert Online, which we will. The release is on 3rd of march, you can find all useful informations on our forums. Please prepare to the maximum extent you can. 

I can't promise anyone that this game will work out better than the previous two or three but this game definitely has stuff to do when you're playing it. We will try to make it work on a better level. On a brigther note, all the guilds we know since Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and so on like VoTF, Slay, Golden Horde, Nihilum, Paragon, Metatron, FUtilez and many more, will play this game and we can definitely look for a challenge there. 

This game has quite a lot to offer and I really hope that it will work out not as a typical Asian grind fest which we all hate. The best feature of this game is in its combat system which is quite extraordinary. You can actively siege places, crafting does work and is useful unlike in Blade and Soul, please try to find as much informations about the game and write it under the created topics. 

Let's hope this one will work out well and will provide a place for us to stick around and have some decen fun. 

My regards