CS:GO Line-up changes

Written by Drq.


Hello everyone !

I know that lately we’ve been slacking with the articles and overall everything but I hope our time can be more flexible now. It’s my great pleasure to introduce the new line-up for our Counter Strike : Global Offensive team and the new banners designed by Lenko! The team is as following:

Sebastian “Hypen”  Herba – Team captain

Maciek “Lenko”  Lenk

Kacper “Invictus”  Zawadzki

Kuba “Dealer”  Podrucki

Dawid “jzUUU”  Jeżuchowski

Our first and former team just didn’t work out well enough and at some point I was absolutely sure we would give up on having an ESL CS:GO team and just forget about the idea but this line-up should work!

These guys have a good thing going on and they are training quite hard! I hope that soon we will be able to upload much more stuff from the CS:GO divison to our youtube and start actively streaming the trainings, faceits and start actively working on promotion and support for our team. We are also currently working on a lot of gadgets with CoN logo and some T-shirts and mouspads for our team.

Team is currently practicing to attend a LAN in Poland and I really hope they will do well! I feel like they deserved it through their sheer hard work. If we manage to make some time maybe we will attend the LAN with a camera or go-pro to film our guys in action.

We will write an extensive article about the whole event and how it went, if we manage to film it, would be even better.

Support our team and if you like what we do and want to support our cause, please donate any amount of money by pressing the Donate button on the bottom of our site c9-gaming.eu

I know that we were quite ambitious and we went in several directions with promotions and stuff, instead of focusing on one key aspect. That’s why everything is delayed but we are working really hard on hiring some more people and re-writing our whole site to make it more user friendly for people.

Just give us a bit more time and everything should run smoothly ! Expect a lot more !

My best regards