Awesome Games Done Quick 2016

Written by Effendyr.


Hello CoNheads! Long time no see!

I came here to tell you one thing: The next AGDQ marathon starts on January 6th and will last until January 10th. But what is AGDQ?

Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick are annual Speedrun marathons held by the Speed Demos Archive website and its community to raise money for various charities, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The events are broadcast via

Viewers are encouraged to donate for various incentives during the stream, such as naming characters in a run, having the runners attempt more difficult challenges, or winning prizes such as copies of the games being played.

“Professional” Speedrunners take turns over the course of a straight week demonstrating their progress at completing different video games at record speeds. Sometimes these may be done in unusual or specific ways, such as fully completing every level, completing a game blindfolded or featuring multiple runners racing against each other to complete a game first. Video games from all consoles are included in the runs, containing both retro and modern titles.

The first Speed Demos Archive charity marathon was held in January 2010, 2015 has been the first AGDQ event to raise over $1,000,000. Two big partners of AGDQ are The Yetee and Humble Bundle. Both are offering great deals while supporting the included charities.

And btw.: AGDQ reached over 9,4 Million unique viewers last time!

So make sure to log in and subscribe to their twitch! And don’t miss your favourite games! Personally, I am looking forward to check out the NES Platformer Block!