Game Devs We Love: CD Projekt

Written by Delegat.




CD Projekt is a Polish game developer, publisher and game distributor, founded in 1994 by Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski and is mostly famous for The Witcher game series. In the beginning the company started making polish localization of many RPGs and distributing them.



 At the beginning of the new millennium, CD Projekt decided to move from purely game distributor company and create own game development team, called CD Projekt RED and create an RPG, based on the works of the polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski – The Witcher. To do it the team used the Aurora engine, which is also powering the Baldur's gate games and many more. The development of the game took a lot of time and great care, but the end product is nothing but one of the best RPGs ever made. The Witcher at the time of its release in 2007 was also one of the best looking games, making the beautiful world of Sapkowski really believable.



After the canceled Xbox 360 port of The Witcher (which almost took the studio to the edge of bankruptcy) CDP decided to release an Enhanced version of the game (correcting some of its problems) and start working on its sequel, named The Witcher: Assassins of Kings. For that purpose the team decided to create their own game engine – the REDengine, which gave them a lot more freedom in creating it. The game was released in April 2011 with great appraise from both critics and players, which resulted in almost a million copies sold by the end of August.

In the next year CDP RED started working on the last game in the series – The Witcher: The Wild Hunt, but in the mean time they decided to increase the universe by creating two spinoffs from the main franchise – The Witcher Adventure Game, which is available in online and tabletop variants, and the Witcher Battle Arena - a moba for Android and iOS devices.




With The Witcher: The Wild Hunt, the studio decided to go on different approach and make the game with an open world while keeping the story driven experience from the first two games. This is not the easiest task and where other game companies failed, CD Projekt RED succeeded, making one of the most amazing game adventures, you can ever experience and with the upgraded REDengine they also managed to create the most beautiful game to this day. The music that surrounds the gameplay is made in collaboration between Mikolai Stroinski (famous for his work in Dark Souls 2) and the great polish folk metal band Percival Schuttenbach.




CD Projekt are really the European kings of the RPG genre and I don't see any other game company moving them from their throne anytime soon. At the moment they are working on their highly ambitious futuristic RPG Cyberpunk 2077 and it's considered to be even bigger than The Witcher: The Wild Hunt.