CoN Music Corner presents : Alestorm

Written by Delegat.


Alestorm is a metal band from Perth, Scotland and was formed in 2004 under the name Battleheart and several years later reformed under this name. They are the creators of the so called “Scottish pirate metal”, which is a unique and original blend of power and folk types of heavy metal.



Written by Delegat.



Besiege is a combination of physics based simulation and sandbox puzzler, created by Spiderling Games.  The game is situated in the middle ages in a world with different lands, each containing up to fifteen challenges in which a player must use his imagination to create a siege machine to overcome or destroy several obstacles such as a village, a small army or even a fortress.

 To accomplish this player has at his disposal different blocks, tools and weapons, separated in six categories:

Game Devs We Love: Techland

Written by Delegat.



One of the most beloved game studios in Europe – Techland was founded in 1991 by Pawel Marchewka in Poland. The company started at first as a software distributor but at the dawn of the new millennium they decided to become a game developer. Their first game – Crime Cities helped consolidate the core development team which resulted in creating in-house developed game engine called Chrome which was used at first in several games like the same named sci fi shooter Chrome and its sequel Chrome: SpecForce , in the racing series Xpand Rally, etc.

 Every Techland game from this point on was created with this engine and its several modifications, including: