Don't Starve Together Beta

Written by Delegat.



The original Don’t Starve game, created by Klei Entertainment   (Shank 1&2, Mark of the ninja, etc.) was sandbox survival game with amazing art, inspired by Tim Burton’s movies. The game was met with great success, but the only thing it lacked was multiplayer.

One year later the studio decided to correct this mistake by releasing Don’t Starve Together on Steam’s Early Access. The new game is based on the foundation of its predecessor and includes three different modes:

Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns

Written by Delegat.


 On January 24th Arenanet announced the highly anticipated expansion for Guild Wars 2 – Heart of Thorns, which will add to the world of this popular MMORPG some very important additions, such as:


Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta

Written by Delegat.

Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) was almost 10 months in Technical alpha before going into Closed beta on January 13th. The latter introduced a new hero – Thrall, a new map – Sky temple and some new mounts and skins for the existing heroes. The other big inclusion is the introducing of the Hero League, which is ranked PVP, available for now only to solo players who are level 30 and above. The team section of Hero League will be opened later this year.

Conlords of Draenor

Written by Drq.

Hello there! I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all, all the best in the new year and we hope that all your dreams will come true or at least you will get closer to your goals !

I wanted to write few things concerning our status, what we are doing at this moment as a guild, where can you find us etc.

If you follow our YouTube channel, you've probably noticed that it's stuck on ArcheAge but that will change this week. Since it turned out that ArcheAge is a total cashgrab garbage we've moved on, after giving it all to that game we needed to rest. Most of us stopped playing anything at all to just chill out after the impossible grind that game offered, but some of us moved and started to play World of Warcraft again, because of the new expansion Warlords of Draenor.

Merry Christmas or Hanuka Matata !

Written by Drq.

Hello there my fuzzy little minions and all readers.

Another year has passed as we all continue to be here, together in our c9! It's my great honour and pleasure to share my gaming life with all of you. You are a great bunch of people. I hope we can continue for another year or two or six ! So merry x-mass, hanuka and everything you guys are celebrating on w/e time of the year !

To all the readers, since we are on "hiatus" right now due to ArcheAge being a complete failure, we do understand that there aren't many articles flowing and movies...well there are no movies but I will change them with the upcoming year. I will start making movies from our PvP team in World of Warcraft and we will post a series of new articles about internet safety, gaming gear, macroes and such ! So stay tuned !

Once again I wish you all a merry x-mas and hanuka matata

See you around !