Current status

Written by Drq.

Hello my fuzzy little minions and all you little spying readers !

This small article is written while I drink my morning coffee and read ArcheAge official forums to feast on all the tears and regret, while taking a sip of victory, because we left that sinking shi(t)p just on time. I wanted to let you know that we're currently working on another YouTube project to bring some new content to it, all of the lost c9 sheep are coming back to the herd, again, ain't no thing like friends and stability! ( 10 sec cd ) I gladly welcome you back under the wings of our community. Welcome back!.

With this let's proceed to another topic which is our World of Warcraft (division?)because we had a lot of questions from you guys about it, to answer them, we are in WoW casually for now. As do gamers looks for stability in guilds so does the guilds look for stability in games. When we closed Guild Wars 2 division, as a community we were on "hiatus" and we didn't do much apart from playing Dota2, Battlefield and some other games. We've decided to move

Warlords of Draenor and Guild Wars 2

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone !

As you probably know we've closed the ArcheAge division because that game was a total failure because of it's publisher TRION. You can read about it here

We have decided that we as a guild will wait for Black Desert Online and untill that time comes when the game is released we will play World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor on the server Auchindoun on the Horde side AND we will casually once or twice per week raid in Guild Wars 2, we still haven't decided on which server it will occurr but we will give the details soon.

It just feels so good not to login into ArcheAge after a while. Whole guild is resting from all the bullshit that happened in that game. Not to mention that WoW is a lot of fun again. We will be doing 10v10 and 15v15 on a daily basis. You are welcome to join the fight !

ArcheAge Closed!

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone!

I wanted to thank everyone who joined our ranks and all those who left, we had some fun with this game but the amount of "mishaps" in this game is just too much for us. We got a 2 year old buggy version of the game client instead of the patched good one, every turn we face is the wrong one.

Since the beginning of this game it was straight downhill. I know we all had high hopes for this game but it's not how it turned out to be. Every decision made by TRION and XLGames, not to mention to time you have to wait for anything...was just so stupid that it makes me doubt reason. Support doesn't exist, people get banned all over the place for no reason. There is no management of anything.

Ladies and Gentleman, Hoist the Colours

Written by Drq.

Our new movie is up!

It's a small teaser from the battle that took place few days ago north of Freedich. It was an amazing raid. We fought on the seas for over 4,5h. For those kinds of moments we are gamers. Yaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr !

A small surprise near the end of the video. Enjoy !         AA: [CoN] Circle of Nine - Hoist the Colours

Link for all those who can't watch it in their countries due to the video being blocked by YouTube. CLICK

Introducing TAX!

Written by Drq.

Hello there my fuzzy little minions.

Since the start we have teams working on different goals and working for the better of our guild, but we also have those who are doing absolutely and let me stress this a bit N O T H I N G and I couldn't see a reason for that. Also I had problems to see why should we keep those people in the guild if they are not working for the spot, basically leeching everything we've worked for. It's not just given, you have to earn it.

So starting Monday 12.X.2014 we will be introducing TAX to our guild. People will be taxed 5g per week or 20g per month, but this kind of tax is for those who are helping the guild. So let me re-phrase this. Everyone is being TAXed but not everyone in the same way. What I just said is only for people that are contributing to the guild and our efforts of expanding our economy, raids, gear and other stuff.

Disclaimer: Because the month already started, we will take 50% of the monthly tax.