Auroria is coming !

Written by Drq.

Hey guys !

I want to write a quick heads up. Auroria, the northern continent is being opened on 15th of October. There is a lot of work to do before we can venture there. To be able to fight there and mark our presence with a big STOMP like we want to we need to adress some issues.

With Auroria opened, there is a Fortress rush coming BUT after further discussions we've decided that a rush for a keep in our current state would be a disaster for our economy and we will not rush it. We can take a different fortress from someone later one. Right now we need to focus on expanding our land and buying out everything around our spot.

Dahuta - Max Conflict !

Written by Drq.

Hello there my fellow minions.

As you are aware probably. Last few weeks we've been organizing the Max Conflict server idea. That was about gathering hardcore PvP guilds onto one server to ensure it's longevity and constant conflict between the two existing factions. Negotiations took some time but at last we've achieved a consensus.

We've picked Dahuta[EU] to be the MaxConflict server ! there are some legendary names among those guilds that chose to be there like

ArcheAge release! race mode on!

Written by Drq.

Hello my fellow c9 minions and everyone else reading.

With the good new about the "not so surprising" early start we need to start making some plans a bit faster. As you may know, or not, the release of the game will happen on the 16th of September. The headstart for players that managed to acquire founder packs will start 4 days earlier.

Our project of MaxConflict server and bringing all hardcore PvP guilds into one location will WORK! we will have a meeting on 6th and will decide then where we go. We will however keep that information till the last second before the release. There is a high possibility of a LockDown of servers when they are overcrowded and this is something we want to avoid.

Interview with DotaCinema’s SUNSfan

Written by Drq.

Hello there ! Here you can read the full and extensive review with Dota Cinema's SUNSfan. Enjoy the read

Last week we got the chance to sit down and talk with SUNSfan, the voice of DotaCinema and half of TI4's Noob Stream casting crew about Dota and beyond. Here's what we found out...

ESL: Hi, SUNSfan! We know you’re no stranger to introductions - care to share a few details  about yourself for those who are new to what you do?