ArchAge of CoN(an)

Written by Phyrexian.



Hello ladies and gentlemen, it´s me Mario...I mean Phyrexian. Here to bring you a bit more critical look on the first Archage closed beta weekend I and few of our guildies took part in. For a nice little summary check out Drqs post:  Note, I won´t cover things I did not have hands on experience with like house building, farming, making your own legendaries etc. So with that out of the way, let´s get down to business shall we ?

Account Security 101

Written by Atom.

 Most of us know at least one person that has had a  gaming account 'hacked'. Why does it happen to some  people and not  others? How do people get your account  information? How can  you protect yourself? In this series  of articles I'll be going  through all this, so that with a bit  of knowledge and a bit of  common sense, you'll never  have to go through what can be  quite a distressing  experience - being 'hacked'.

Q: "Why should we listen to you Atom?"

A: Well, I have 5 years experience of working in player support in some form or another, and a large part of that has been dealing with account security. I don't know everything, but I do know what's important and what can keep your online accounts safe.


Review 1: EVOLAND

Written by Effendyr.


Hello and welcome to my very first review! I already mentioned it in my Steam Summer Sale 2014 Article that I am going to show you some games which I purchased during sales and what I think of them. Let's get it on! Many of you guys know that I love those kind of games. I saw it on last Winters Holiday Steam Sale and immediatly purchased it. Loved the trailer and its screenshots. It was one of those games I wanted to enjoy in a whole without any distractions. And so I forgot about it till recently... DAMN IT WAS GOOD

Steam Summer Sale!

Written by Effendyr.

Its happening right now, the Steam Summer Sale 2014!

The Steam Summer Sale will last until June 30th and started last Thursday on June 19th. Daily Deals, Flash Deals and Community Votings will sell us games up to a 90% discount! I personally will use this chance to smite my wallet and snipe some masterpieces! I will also take my opportunity to start reviewing some games I purchased and share my thoughts with you guys (and girls!). But first I would like to share some tips how to take advantage of the Summer Sale without spending to much money ;)