Archeage and Black Desert classes and class system

Written by Jacky.

Hey guys,
Ive been asked to do this so lets get started :P

* before we start i need to say that all of this info is confirmed, some classes will be balanced but the abilities , skills and concepts of the class wont change.
* I will just write down a bunch of info , i wont compare the games. you can do the comparison yourselves :D

Diablo III - Preparing for Reaper of Souls

Written by Effendyr.

d3 ros

Hello and welcome everyone!

You may have noticed the recent Diablo III Hype about the upcoming expension "Reaper of Souls" (RoS) on March 25th and its preparing patch including Loot 2.0! A lot of gamers are returning to Diablo III due to this reason (myself included). In the following article I would like to introduce my way of preparing for RoS.


Stream, MusicBOT, Giveaway !

Written by Drq.


Hello everyone.
This will be just a quick news post Yesterday after carefull testing we've added a request bot to our stream and right now you can request any song from youtube, anything you want! and we will be raiding to the sounds of it.

Also I hope you guys can tune in for our future raids because we've received many, Many, MANY beta keys and activation keys to full games which will be giving away on our stream during the raid and in that we have beta keys for games like Wildstar, Elder Scrolls, Heroes of the Storm ! So it's a big of a deal to many gamers out there.

We've also received "few" activation codes for Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3 and quite an amazing amount of keys for games on the Valve's Steam.

So we hope you guys will enjoy our streams with your music! and share the info about the giveaways. Instructions on how to get the keys will be displayed during the stream.

Share the info. LET THE GAME HUNT BEGIN !

Insomnia - TDP!

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone ! not many news today on the front of GW2 but something is lurking behind the clouds. We're here today to show you another great tune from our partner Dirty Productions.

It's mesmerizing and chilling at the same time. Ideal for work. Especially to supress the feelings of killing your boss and everyone around you with a sword !

Hope you can enjoy this as much as I am now !


True Dirty Productions - Insomnia

TESO - The Elder Scrolls Online

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone ! Lately there has been some rumble around the internet with the upcoming TESO release. Few of our guys managed to play the game and got some feisty and fat reviews ! and as an old ES fan that played all the previous titles I need to say that I was pretty excited about the game and I think I can underline "was" Here we drop the bomb...