DirtyProductions strikes again !

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce you to a new production from our music partner Dirty Productions who made another beautiful and mesmerizing tune. It's ambience is just overwhelming. This tune can take you for a long and beautiful ride. Massive support !

Dirty Productions - Revostock

One of my favourite tunes. When you hear all his tunes you can almost feel the progress from each tune to another. Absolutely haunting.

c9's Music partner in crime !

Written by Drq.

Hello guys ! I come with great news for all !

We've managed to get ourselves a music partner whose music you will hear from now on in our videos. Massive massive thanks to Dirty Productions and please show them some love !

The new mesmerizing tune called Warrior is freshly circling around the net. Support !

Let's Play !

Written by Drq.

Guys today we're celebrating ! Thanks to Effendyr as host and all guys participating we have released our first Let's Play series ! This week C9 was playing Bloodline Champions. Thank you for your work guys ! Amazing job !

Really amazing job guys ! Watch, Enjoy, Share, Subscribe !

Let's Battle! Bloodline Champions! Part 1: Look at the Damage! 

Regards !

Circle of Nine Gaming Community

Written by Drq.

Hey guys Drq here !

I'm writing this quick summary of the events that occurred during the weekend and all the matters I've managed to solve. Also the BIG meeting we had on Sunday. So basically we've a "vocal" agreement right now but in the end of the year I want to make it permanent and on paper. Circle of Nine is getting sponsorship. I'm going to contact two more gaming companies to establish some communication.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.