My Idea of c9s' future

Written by Drq.

Hey guys Drq here.

I got up early in the morning to gear up for work and I started thinking about our little project called Circle of Nine. I'm honoured I get to play and be with you in our gaming community. Without you all this wouldn't have been the same or I wouldn't continute it at all. Right now you're all my friends and a bit more because I miss the laughs, good times and your company when I'm not around.

So I thank you for the chance of playing with you in whichever game you choose. I want to share my idea for the future of c9.

When I first came to Circle of Nine I was just a guest...

C9 Media Promotion

Written by Drq.

Hey guys Drq here.

As you may know our media are up and running. We have 4 videos on youtube in less than a week. Our Facebook, Twitter and Twitch streams are also very fine. We need some help from you.

I need you to share our media links on Guild Wars sites in your countries and the MOST IMPORTANT part is that you all leave comments under our vids, at least at the first stage of gathering our fans and subscribers. It will place our guild higher in the search list if not at the beggining. So please take some time to Subscribe, Rate and Comment all of our vids. Share them with your friends, and everywhere you can think of.

c9 back in business !

Written by Drq.

Circle of Nine is slowly waking up from its slumber. Yesterday's raid was completely epic. It was an amazing feeling to raid with you all again. Hope we will do that as often as possible. Amazing job Rida and Raj on the lead. Kudos to everyone for staying focused and crushing everything on our path. Amazing fkn job !


Play this in the background !

Pure Epicness !

Glad to be back. FU!   All the way baby ! Roooooooooooar !

Our new site !

Written by Drq.

Guys ! Finally after days and days of hard work our team Strawberry aka Hatchette, Butti and Riso made our site alive and kicking. We will make the site more lively soon as we add the gallery, movies and new articles. We're completely leaving enjin site behind.

Big big thanks to team Strawberry !

Circle of Nine : Genesis

Rooooooar !

Refreshing our Image

Written by Drq.

Hello everyone !

As you probably now already I'm working with Anastol to refresh our image everywhere. It will take several more days for us to complete all the projects we're currently working on. This is one of them :) courtesy of Anastol! our animating beast !

We will update the site and all our media with new graphics, wallpapers and animations and streamer layout. Soon enough there will be a new intro for our movie makers and after the meeting of our entire Media section we will update...well...everything